Retain attribute domains of a hosted feature layer downloaded from ArcGIS Online

Last Published: April 25, 2020


In some instances, opening a hosted feature layer from ArcGIS Online in ArcMap does not display the attribute domains of the feature layer. To retain and view the attribute domains of a hosted feature layer in ArcMap, the feature layer must be exported to a file geodatabase in ArcGIS Online and downloaded to a local folder, prior to opening the feature layer in ArcMap.


The instructions provided describe how to retain the attribute domains of a hosted feature layer downloaded from ArcGIS Online in ArcMap.

  1. In ArcGIS Online, navigate to the item details page of the hosted feature layer containing the attribute domains.
  2. Click Export Data > Export to FGDB.
  3. In the Export to File Geodatabase window, provide the title, tags, and summary for the file geodatabase. Specify the folder to save the file geodatabase, and click Export.  

    The Export to File Geodatabase window.
  4. When the exporting process completes, click Download to download the file geodatabase to a local folder. The downloaded file geodatabase contains a feature class with the attribute domains and metadata associated with the feature class.

To view the attribute domains of a feature class, add the feature class into ArcMap, click Editor > Start Editing in the Standard toolbar to start an edit session on the layer, and open the layer's attribute table. The figure below is an example of the domain drop-down list displayed in the attribute table of a layer.

An example of the attribute domain drop-down list.

The coded value domain can be edited in the attribute table by selecting the desired value in the domain drop-down list. For more information on editing the attribute domains of a feature class, refer to the following document: Editing attributes with subtypes and attribute domains. To stop the edit session, click Editor > Stop Editing, and click Yes if a prompt to save the changes is displayed to save the edits made.

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