How To: Convert 3D shapefiles to 2D shapefiles


Instructions provided describe how to convert 3D shapefiles to 2D shapefiles.


Follow the steps below.

  1. Add the existing 3D shapefile into ArcMap.
  2. Open ArcToolbox and navigate to Data Management Tools > Feature Class > Create Feature Class.
  3. Specify the Output Location and Output Feature Class Name.
  4. Specify the Geometry Type.
  5. For Template Feature Class, select the existing 3D shapefile. This step pastes the feature over all attribute fields.
  6. Leave 'Has Z' and 'Has M' disabled.
  7. Select the Spatial Reference; import from the 3D shapefile.
  8. Click OK to create the shapefile.
  9. Start editing on the new 2D shapefile.
  10. Select all features by right-clicking on the 3D layer in the Table of Contents > Selection > Select All.
  11. Navigate to Edit > Copy.
  12. Navigate to Edit > Paste. This pastes all features and attributes into the new 2D shapefile.
  13. Navigate to Editor > Save Edits.