Error validating user: <Username>

Last Published: July 27, 2023

Error Message

After upgrading Portal for ArcGIS, attempts to log into the Portal for ArcGIS website using a non-administrator account fail, and return the following error message:

Error validating user: <Username>
The Error validating user: username error message


The Portal for ArcGIS version upgrade is incomplete as the post-upgrade steps were not performed. The post-upgrade steps are done to authorize the users and apps in Portal for ArcGIS.

Solution or Workaround

Log in to the Portal Administrator Directory with an administrator account, and perform the post-upgrade steps before logging in to the Portal for ArcGIS website using a non-administrator account. Refer to Steps 8 to 22 of ArcGIS Enterprise: Perform an upgrade of your portal deployment for more information regarding the post-upgrade steps required after upgrading Portal for ArcGIS.

Article ID:000030898

  • Portal for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10 9 x
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 11 0
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 11 1

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