How To: Edit or modify the editor tracking fields for hosted feature layers in ArcGIS Pro


In ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise portal, there is the option to keep track of who created and last updated features to track editors' logins, and further control what editors can see and do with hosted feature layers.

The Keep track who created and last updated features option is checked for the hosted feature layer.

These fields can be viewed but can't be edited as they are system-generated.


The following steps can be used to modify the editor tracking fields of a hosted feature layer in an Enterprise portal:

  1. Make a copy of the hosted feature layer. Refer to ArcGIS Online: Copy and save layers for details on how to do this.
  2. In ArcGIS Online or an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, export the hosted feature layer from the portal to a geodatabase. Click Export Data > Export to FGDB, as shown in the following image.
Click Export to FGDB after Export Data.
  1. From the item details page, click Download to download the geodatabase.
Click Download in the item details page
  1. Extract the .zip file to a convenient location.
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, connect to the folder that contains the file geodatabase downloaded in the previous step. Right-click Folders > Add Folder Connection.
  3. Expand the geodatabase to view the feature class and GDB_ServiceItems table.
The GDB_ServiceItems table under the expanded geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro
  1. Disable editor tracking on the feature class. Right-click the feature, and click Manage > Disable Editor Tracking.
Click Disable Editor Trackikng from the Manage pop-up menu options
  1. Add the feature class to a new or existing map in ArcGIS Pro. From the Contents pane in ArcGIS Pro, open the attribute table for the layer, where the editor tracking fields can be modified.
The attribute table
  1. Once done updating the editor tracking fields, save the edits.
  2. Run the Enable Editor Tracking geoprocessing tool to enable editor tracking on the feature class again. Make sure to map the fields accordingly and set the Time zone, as shown in the image below.
The Enable Editor Tracking geoprocessing tool parameters
  1. From ArcGIS Pro, right-click the layer in the Contents pane and select Overwrite Web Layer.
Selecting Overwrite Web Layer
There are some considerations to be aware of when overwriting an existing hosted feature layer, refer to ArcGIS Pro: Considerations when overwriting web layers for more information.
  1. In the Overwrite Web Layer dialog box, select the web feature layer to overwrite.
  2. In the Overwrite <layer name> web layer pane, on the Configuration tab, under Operations, ensure that the Enable editing and allow eidtors to option is checked, and under Properties, the Preserve editor tracking info option is checked.
Check Enable editing and allow users to and Preserve editor tracking info options
  1. Under Date fields, set the Time zone information.
Setting the time zone
  1. In the Overwrite Web Layer pane, under the General tab, publish the layer.
  2. After the layer has successfully published, view the updated editor tracking information in the portal.
View the updated editor tracking information in the attribute table in the portal
  1. Click the Data tab to view the updated editor tracking fields for the layer.

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Last Published: 10/20/2021

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