FAQ: How does the Esri Developer Network relate to the ArcGIS Developer Subscription?


How does the Esri Developer Network relate to the ArcGIS Developer Subscription?


A new developer experience was introduced in early 2017 with the goal of simplifying access to software, resources, tools, and assistance that developers use with the ArcGIS Platform. The ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS) is part of this program, and effectively replaces the Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription. Holders of EDN licenses are eligible for the applicable ADS subscription as of February 14, 2018. 

Confusion arises with current EDN subscription holders moving to the new ADS model. Provided below are instructions on how to register and access the ADS platform.

  1. If not already signed in, sign in to accounts.esri.com.
  2. From the My Esri main page, click the My Organizations tab and select Licensing Forms. Depending on the account type, you may have to check My Organization > Licensing > Additional Forms.

    My Esri / My Organizations
  3. On the Developer Subscription Registration card, click the Developer Subscription Registration button.
  4. Enter the EDN code (or in the case of newly purchased ADS subscriptions, enter the ADS code) in the Developer Subscription Code field, and click Register. Once registered (or once the subscription is activated), a new tab appears under My Organizations, named Developer. This is where software downloads, resources, etc. are found.
  5. Under Developer, click the Activate button for the ArcGIS Developer Subscription. 
  6. Specify a URL to be used for the organization's account.
  7. Select the account to be used for the developer subscription. 
  8. The activation can be completed with the current Esri account, or a different account can be used, or a new account created.
    If a new account is created prior to starting the steps outlined in this article, the account automatically has access to the Essentials plan under the new developer subscription model.