How To: Activate the new ArcGIS Developer Subscription


ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS) is a cost-effective way to license multiple ArcGIS products and tools for developing solutions. An ADS is required to develop custom GIS applications for existing technologies and workflows. This article describes the steps to set up an ADS.


Register a My Esri account
My Esri is a website commonly used for managing Esri software downloads and licenses. A My Esri account is required to register an ADS.

  • If a subscription is purchased without an existing My Esri account, an email is sent with details to establish a new My Esri organization and to set up login details.
  • If a My Esri account is already available, log in to it.

Link Developer Code to My Esri account
  1. Log in to My Esri and navigate to My Organizations > Licensing > Developer Subscription Registration.

  2. Enter the new Developer Subscription Code (the code starts with EDN or ADS). Click Register.
The subscription is now activated against the My Esri account.

Activate ArcGIS Developer Subscription
The status of the ADS remains pending in My Esri until the ArcGIS Developer Subscription is activated through the ArcGIS for Developers website.
  1. In My Esri, navigate to My Organizations > Developer. Select Activate.
  2. When prompted, create a new username and follow the instructions provided by the wizard.
This creates a new username and a new ArcGIS Developer Subscription. However, any existing ArcGIS Developer Subscriptions can still be used as these existing ADSs may contain test data, apps, etc.
  1. Once the ADS account is activated, the Developer tab in My Esri displays the username and a button to access the ArcGIS for Developers account.

Activate ArcGIS Online Organization Subscription (Development and Test)
After activating the ArcGIS Developer Subscription, a prompt to activate the ArcGIS Online Organization Subscription (Development and Test) is received. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation.
  1. The page redirects to ArcGIS Online to activate the ArcGIS Online Organization Subscription (Development and Test).

  2. Follow the wizard to create the new username and activate the ArcGIS Online Organization Subscription (Development and Test).
The username for this subscription must be different from that created under the 'Activate ArcGIS Developer Subscription' steps. This is because an ArcGIS Online username cannot be associated with two different organizational subscriptions.

Accessing the Developer Subscription Accounts
Once complete, the ArcGIS Developer Subscription and ArcGIS Online Organization Subscription (Development and Test) can be accessed via My Esri by navigating to My Organizations > Developer > Developer Subscription. Both subscriptions show the Status as Active.
Access license codes under the ArcGIS Developer Subscription by navigating to My Organizations > Developer > View Authorizations. Select a product to view the license code. To authorize licenses, refer to Authorizing your software.

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