Problem: Unable to export a tile package from the World Imagery services


In some instances, an attempt to export or extract a tile package from the World Imagery (for Export) service fails.


The World Imagery (for Export) map service is designed to support exporting small volumes of basemap tiles for offline use, according to the access and use constraints. However, the size of the basemap that is exported with the web map can reach a limit that can cause the download to fail. Basemap services are configured by default to prevent the export of more than 100,000 tiles. Refer to this related knowledgebase article for more details: Problem: Unable to download a map for offline use in Collector for ArcGIS.

Sometimes, the failure may be due to service disruptions when servers are experiencing downtime. This issue is only temporary. When the issue is resolved, and the service resumes operating normally, access the services again. The status information for ArcGIS Online services can be viewed at ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard.

Solution or Workaround

To export tiles from the World Imagery, use the instance of the World Imagery hosted on the tiledbasemaps.arcgis.com server referenced by this map service item, which has the Export Tiles operation enabled. To generate a tile package from the World Imagery service, follow the steps below:

This method requires an organizational account, but does not consume credits.
  1. Browse to the World_Imagery (MapServer) page.
Enter a token.
  1. Enter a token to grant access to the service. Use the following URL to generate a token:
It is best to generate the token using administrator credentials. For more details on generating token, refer to the web resource for generate token.
  1. After log in, the REST page for the service appears. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click ExportTiles.
  2. In the Export Tiles page, enter the following parameters to generate a tile package:
    1. Tile Package: Change from false to true.
    2. Export Extent: Enter the extent in Web Mercator coordinates to define area to export.
    3. Export By: Select Level ID, and enter level ID(s) to export in the box under Export By.
    4. Area of Interest (Polygon): Leave the default syntax.
    5. Format: Select HTML.
  3. Click Export Tiles.
  4. In the Jobs Status page, check the status of the job submitted, and refresh until it is done.
  5. Under Results, click out_service_url. Copy and paste the URL in a new tab.
  6. Click layer.tpk to download.

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