How To: Create Survey123 for ArcGIS surveys that connect to non-federated ArcGIS Server services


This article describes the requirements and provides the steps to create surveys in Survey123 for ArcGIS that connect directly to existing feature services from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server.


By using the submission_url property in an XLSForm, surveys can be created that connect directly to existing feature services from ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Server.

The minimum requirements for the feature service are:

  • The feature service cannot be versioned. Archiving (history) is fine.
  • The server must not use web-tier authentication (for example, it cannot use IWA or PKI authentication).

Additionally, if your survey contains repeats:

  • When working against feature services with related tables, relationships must use a GlobalID field in the parent layer and a GUID field in the child layers or tables. The name of the fields is irrelevant, but the types must be honored. This rule also applies to attachments.
  • GlobalID fields used in relationships must be indexed and must be set in the database to contain non-nullable and unique values.

To work with non-federated feature services, some additional configuration is required:

  • The service must be secured.
  • The service must be registered in your ArcGIS organization with credentials saved in the item (see below). This creates a proxy service in the ArcGIS organization, which is used as the submission_url in the survey.

To create the proxy service complete the following:

  1. Obtain the URL of the secured service. Ensure the URL is to the FeatureServer endpoint. For example:
  2. In your ArcGIS organization, browse to My Contents, select Add Item and choose From Web.
  3. Paste the URL of the service.
  4. Enter the credentials and save the item.
  5. Browse to the Details page of this new service. At the bottom of this page is a URL. Copy this URL to prepare to add to the survey. The URL looks similar to this:
  6. In the XLSForm spreadsheet, paste this URL into the submission_url column on the Settings page.
  7. Enter the name of the layer of the feature service into the Form_ID column on the Settings page.
  8. Enter questions and choices as needed for the survey.
  9. Publish the survey and use it in Survey123 for ArcGIS.

After the survey is published, the security of the original feature service can be changed to public. It is still necessary to share both the form and the proxy feature service to your users.