How To: Create percentage labels for pie charts


When using pie charts to symbolize data, labels with percentage values can be used to show the individual percentage of each sector of the pie chart. Percentage labels can help users identify data patterns. These labels are linked to percentage data in the attribute table. As a result, when changes are made to the percentage values in the attribute table, the percentage labels update automatically.

The instructions provided describe how to create percentage labels for pie charts. This method is suitable only when processing small data sets.


Skip Step 1 if the percentage values are already calculated.
  1. Calculate the percentage of the data for the pie charts.
    1. In ArcMap, right-click the layer in the Table Of Contents, and click Open Attribute Table.
    2. In the Table window, click the Table Options drop-down arrow, and select Add Field.
An image of the Table Options icon.
  1. In the Add Field dialog box, type the field name, and select Float for the field type.
An image of the Add Field dialog.
  1. Set other Field Properties as necessary, and click OK.
  2. In the attribute table, right-click the field header of the new field, and click Field Calculator.
  3. Select VB Script for Parser.
  4. Type the following expression in the code block box. Replace Field_1, Field_2, and Field_3 with the actual field names.
 ([Field_1] / ([Field_1] + [Field_2] + [Field_3])) * 100
Image showing the expression to calculate field percentages in the codeblock box.
  1. Create the pie charts for the calculated percentage values. For more information on how to create pie charts, refer to Using pie charts.
  2. Create percentage labels for the first sectors of the pie charts.
    1. In the Table Of Contents, right-click the layer > Properties > Labels.
    2. Enable the Label features in this layer check box.
    3. Click the Expression button.
    4. In the Label Expression dialog box, type the following expression in the Expression box. Replace Field_1 with the actual field name.
  1. Click OK to close the Label Expression dialog box, and display the Layer Properties dialog box.
  2. Click the Placement Properties button in the Other Properties section to set other properties,.
  3. Click Apply and OK to display the labels for the first sectors of the pie charts.
The image of the Layer Properties dialog box.
The image of the Label Expression dialog box.
  1. Convert the percentage labels to annotation classes to allow the positions of the percentage values to be adjusted.
For more information on how to convert labels to annotation, refer to Converting labels to annotation features. After converting the labels, a new annotation feature class for the field is automatically added.
The ability to convert labels to annotation features is limited to ArcGIS Desktop Standard and Advanced users only.
To edit the annotation feature class position:
  1. Right-click the annotation feature class in the Table Of Contents > Edit features > Start Editing.
  2. On the map, select the first annotation class to be re-positioned.
  3. Hold and drag the annotation class to move the annotation.
Image showing the percentage labels being converted to annotation classes and moved beside the pie chart sector accordingly.
  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining percentage fields of the attribute table.
The image of the pie charts with percentage symbology.

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Last Published: 6/19/2017

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Software: ArcMap 10.4.1, 10.4