Problem: Unable to display a feature service if the XTools Pro extension is installed


In some instances, a feature service published from ArcMap to ArcGIS Online is not displayed in the web map, and returns the following error:

Packaging succeeded, but publishing failed.
Failed to Execute (UploadServiceDefinition).
Please Consult the GP Results Window for enhanced error description or contact your administrator for the server logs.
Image of an error

However, the feature service appears in the Contents page and the associated attribute table is populated as expected. Similar behavior is observed when publishing a service to ArcGIS GIS Server. The service is successfully published and the data copies over, but no layer is displayed in the ArcGIS REST endpoint.


This issue occurs if the XTools Pro 16.0 and above is installed on the machine hosting ArcMap. The Selection Manager tool of the XTools Pro extension adds a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) to map layers; which is not supported in ArcGIS. For more information, refer to XTools: Support.

Solution or Workaround

As a workaround, use one of the options provided below to resolve this issue:

  • Remove XTools from the machine prior to publishing the feature service.
  • Alternatively, leave XTools installed, but check the Store relative pathnames to data sources in the Map Document Properties window. For more information, refer to ArcMap: Specifying the format of paths.

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