Problem: Unable to add photos as attachments using the GeoTagged Photos To Points tool


In the GeoTagged Photos To Points tool dialog box, when the Add Photos As Attachments option is checked to copy photos from a geotagged photos folder to a geodatabase, the tool fails and the following licensing error is returned:

"Error 000824"
In some cases, "Error 999999" is received without an explanation about license restriction.


This problem occurs because attachments are not supported with the ArcGIS for Desktop Basic license.

Solution or Workaround

Add hyperlinks to the photos. There are two standard ways to use hyperlinks: field-based hyperlinks and dynamic hyperlinks.

Unlike the GeoTagged Photos To Points tool, which creates a new feature class containing a location point for each photo stored as attachments in the geodatabase, adding hyperlinks only allows viewing the photos in a web browser using URLs.

There are certain disadvantages of using hyperlinks. Field-based hyperlinks only allow one hyperlink for one feature. Also, storing complete URLs or file paths in the photo field for each record must be done one by one and can be tedious if the table contains many records. 

A dynamic hyperlink, on the other hand, enables multiple hyperlinks to be added for one feature but can affect the map performance when used with a map with many hyperlinks.

Alternatively, use an ArcGIS for Desktop Standard or Advanced license to use the optional feature. For more information, refer to ArcGIS Help: GeoTagged Photos To Points.

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