FAQ: Can the recent projects list in ArcGIS Pro be disabled?


Can the recent projects list in ArcGIS Pro be disabled?


The ability to clear recent projects from view in ArcGIS Pro may be important to users who wish to demonstrate or share their use of the program without providing confidential information about projects to other personnel.

At this time, there is no built-in functionality available to disable, clear, or delete the objects in the recent projects list in ArcGIS Pro.

To clear the recent projects list, the 'user.config' file can be deleted, which removes all current projects from the list. However, this workaround must be executed each time the user wishes to clear the list.

Deleting the user.config file results in the removal of any other previous configuration changes made to ArcGIS Pro. Please determine if this procedure affects your use of the software before performing the steps in this article.

The instructions provided describe how to clear the recent projects list in ArcGIS Pro on a Windows computer.

To execute the instructions below, the 'Hidden files and folders' option in the computer must be set to 'Show hidden files, folders and drives.'

1. In the root system drive, typically C:, navigate to the Users folder > (User Name) > AppData > Local > ESRI, and select the folder with the title 'ArcGISPro.exe_Url...'
• There may be several subfolders present, with each folder representing a different version of ArcGIS Pro. Select the correct folder depending on which version is being used. For example, folder '' is for ArcGIS Pro version 1.0.
2. The user.config file inside the folder represents all the configurations made to date. Delete this file to reset ArcGIS Pro to default settings. This clears the recent items list.

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