How To: Perform offline deauthorization of licenses for ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Engine


To make ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Engine licenses available for use on other machines, it is necessary to deauthorize them.

Deauthorizing licenses using the offline method can be done without the client machine requiring direct access to the internet, which is useful for machines without such access, or where the online method fails.


Deauthorizing concurrent-use and single-use licenses utilizes essentially the same workflow. The main difference is where the Software Authorization Wizard is accessed, which is used to perform the deauthorization. Concurrent-use licenses use the Esri License Manager, whereas single-use licenses can be managed via the ArcGIS Administrator program.

  1. For concurrent-use licenses:
    a. Open the License Manager and select 'Authorization' from the panel on the left.
    b. Click the 'Deauthorize' button to launch the Software Authorization Wizard.
    For single-use licenses:
    a. Open the ArcGIS Administrator and select 'Support Operations' from the panel on the left.
    b. Click the 'Deauthorize' button to launch the Software Authorization Wizard.
  2. Under 'Deauthorization Method', select the second option, 'Deauthorize at Esri's website or by email to receive your deauthorization file.'
  3. Under 'Deauthorization Options', select the features to deauthorize.
    When deauthorizing concurrent-use licenses, the quantity of each license to remove can be changed by entering the appropriate value under the 'No. of Licenses' column.

  4. Under 'Email Deauthorization', click the 'Save' button to save the deauthorize.txt file that is used to complete the process.
  5. To send the deauthorization file via email:
    • Send an email to authorize@esri.com, with the file as an attachment. Save the RESPS file that is emailed back.

    To upload the deauthorization file to my.esri.com:
    a. Log into my.esri.com and under 'My Organizations' select 'Licensing', and 'Additional Licensing Forms'.
    b. Click 'Secure Site Operations' and click 'Browse' to select the deauthorization file.
    c. Click 'Upload'.
    d. Save the resulting RESPS file and move it to the original machine.
  6. Repeat Step 1 in order to open the Software Authorization Wizard. Select the third option, 'I have received a deauthorization file from Esri and am now ready to finish the deauthorization process.'
    a. Click 'Browse' and select the RESPS file created in the last step.
    b. Click 'Next' to complete the deauthorization process.
    The licenses are now deauthorized.

    Please note that although the licenses are immediately available for use, this availability may take some time to be correctly displayed on my.esri.com.

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