How To: Provide feedback on basemaps and geocoding in www.ArcGIS.com


Instructions provided describe how to submit feedback on www.ArcGIS.com basemaps, such as the Street Map, the Imagery Map, or Vector basemaps, as well as the geocoding service through ArcGIS. Esri has created feedback feature services to enable users to report errors found on a basemap, or incorrect results of the geocoding.

The feedback is reviewed by the ArcGIS Online team and is considered for an update, providing better maps to customers.

Use the link listed below to access the ArcGIS group page for web map feedback. Instructions or additional details on how to use the feedback web maps are in the item descriptions:

Use the following link to submit feedback to the geocoding services:


To provide feedback on these web maps:

  1. Open the web map and navigate to the location that has an error.
  2. Click the Edit button on the toolbar, or click the Create Features button in ArcGIS Explorer Online.
  3. Add a polygon feature on the map to show the location of the issue.
  4. After drawing the feature on the map, classify the type of comment and provide a brief description to make sure the feedback is clear.
  5. Click the Close button.

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Last Published: 8/13/2019

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