How To: Convert points in XYZ file format to raster


Instructions provided describe how to convert points in XYZ format to raster. 3D points in XYZ file format can be first converted to multipoints, and then interpolated to a raster.


  1. In ArcToolbax, expand the 3D Analyst Tools node, expand the Conversion node, expand From File, and select the Point File Information tool.
  1. Run the Point File Information tool to get the average point spacing, which is the required input to the ASCII 3D to Feature Class tool. Note the value Pt_Spacing in the attribute table of the output feature class.
[O-Image] Pt_Spacing
  1. Open the ASCII 3D to Feature Class tool: 3D Analyst Tools > Conversion > From File.
  2. Select XYZ as Input File Format and MULTIPOINT as Output Feature Class Type. Input the  Average Point Spacing field with the value from Step 1.
    [O-Image] Average Point  Spacing
  3. Use the Conversion tool: Conversion Tools > To Raster > Point to Raster, to convert multipoints to a raster.