How To: Uninstall and reinstall ArcPad on a mobile device


Instructions provided describe how to perform a complete uninstall and reinstall of ArcPad on a mobile device.


  1. On the mobile device, go to Settings > System > Remove Programs and remove everything related to ArcPad, which includes all of the following:
    • Microsoft VBScript Runtime Library
    • All Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition programs
    • ESRI ArcPad Today Plug-in
    • ESRI ArcPad NADCON Tables
    • ESRI ArcPad HARN Tables
    • ArcPad StreetMap
    • ESRI ArcPad 10
    • ArcPad Sample Data
    • Trimble GPScorrect
  2. Open File Explorer on the mobile device and delete remnant folders. These could include:
    • My Documents/My ArcPad
    • Program Files/ArcPad
    • Program Files/GPScorrect
  3. On a desktop computer under Add/Remove Programs, remove GPScorrect.
  4. Synchronize the mobile device with the desktop computer.
  5. On the desktop, go to Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcPad > ArcPad Deployment Manager and install ArcPad.
  6. Install ArcPad for Windows Mobile, Datum Transforms, SQL Server Compact, VBScript Runtime Library and any sample data.

    The following step is optional and only necessary if GPScorrect needs to be installed on the mobile device.

  7. Download and install the correct version of the Trimble GPScorrect Extension for ESRI ArcPad Software. Do this on a desktop machine with the mobile device synchronized; this installs the extension to the mobile device.

    For compatibility between versions of ArcPad, GPS Analyst and GPScorrect, see Trimble's Mapping & GIS Product Compatability List.