How To: Convert NoData values to other values for raster data


Instructions provided describe how to assign the NoData cells of a raster to a specific value. Various spatial analysis applications require raster NoData cells to be factored into an analytical operation. Since NoData cells are ignored in any analysis, such requirements can only be met if those cells have a specific value assigned to them.

ArcGIS offers a couple options to convert NoData values to another constant, such as zero. One option is to use the Spatial Analyst Con (conditional) tool to convert NoData values. This can be called through the Spatial Analyst toolbox directly or used in conjunction with the IsNull tool in Raster Calculator.


In both version 10 and 9.3, the Con tool can be used outside of the Raster Calculator to create a new raster with reset NoData (Null) values. However the Raster Calculator may also be used to call the Con and IsNull tool to perform the same task. The syntax is different in 9.3 and in 10. Examples are shown below.

Below is an example a statement for the Raster Calculator in 9.3:


Below is an example the statement for the Raster Calculator in 10:


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Last Published: 11/28/2016

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Software: ArcMap 10