FAQ: Is ArcPad 7 supported on a Windows Mobile 6 device?


Is ArcPad 7 supported on a Windows Mobile 6 device?


ArcPad 7 supports the following Windows operating systems:

Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows CE
Windows Mobile

ArcPad does not support specific Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices. Instead, ArcPad supports specific Windows CE versions and processor chips. ArcPad should run on any Windows Mobile and Windows CE device that uses a supported processor chip, runs a supported version of Windows CE, and meets the minimum requirements for memory and scripting.

ArcPad is designed to run on any Windows Mobile or Windows CE device that meets the following minimum system requirements:

Windows CE versions

ArcPad supports Windows CE 4.2 or higher. This includes Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition devices. For Windows Mobile devices, ArcPad supports the Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition form factors – it does not support the Smartphone form factor.

Processor chip

Windows CE devices are built using a variety of processors, or CPU chips. Unlike desktop PCs where processor chips are compatible—for example, Intel® and AMD chips—processor chips used for Windows CE devices are not compatible and require that software be compiled specifically for the particular processor chip. ArcPad 7 only supports ARM-based CPU chips for Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. ARM-based CPU chips include, but are not limited to, chips made by Intel (StrongARM and XScale), Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Atmel.


ArcPad requires a Windows Mobile device with at least 32 MB of RAM; however, there may be insufficient free RAM available to work with anything but the smallest and simplest datasets. Therefore, ESRI recommends a minimum of 64 MB of RAM, and preferably more RAM if available.

The amount of free RAM required to install and run ArcPad depends on what sort of data is used. Installing ArcPad requires approximately 6 MB of free RAM (8 MB if the NADCON tables are installed). Running ArcPad could require 20 MB or more of free RAM, especially if using compressed images in formats such as MrSID® and JPEG2000.