How To: Import a picture and/or logo to a user as a style


Many users would like to use a picture or logo they have created as a style. This article walks you through how to import a BMP file to ArcMap as a picture marker symbol to use as symbology.


On the Windows operating system, click Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint to start Microsoft Paint. Create or import the image that you want and select File > Save As. Save the image as a 16-color bitmap.

The steps below will allow you to convert the bitmap saved above to a symbol in a style.

  1. Start ArcMap with a new empty map.
  2. Click Tools > Styles > Style Manager.
  3. Click on the styles dropdown list to select the style to receive the new symbol. I suggest using your personal style for custom symbols.

    This is located in C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application
    Data\ESRI\Arcmap\styles, and also appears in the left-hand column in the style manager dialog.
  4. Open the style, and click on the appropriate folder where you wish to create the new symbol.

    For example Marker Symbol.
  5. Right-click on the same folder from previous step and select New > Marker Symbol.
  6. Change the Type to "Picture Marker Symbol", and select the bitmap image saved previously.
  7. Adjust the display of the picture as necessary to center it in the crosshairs in the Preview area of the dialog box. Make any further modifications such as color, angle, etc.
  8. Click OK when you are finished.
  9. The new symbol will be available for use in ArcMap. Left-click on the symbology of the layer you wish to apply this custom symbol in the table of contents to open the Symbol Selector.

    The symbol should be available in the Symbol Selector.