How To: Create a 'dummy' printer and set it to be the default printer for Windows


Instructions provided describe how to create a high-resolution 'dummy' printer, and set it as the default.

This procedure is used to test various output problems encountered with ArcGIS Desktop applications. For more information about the interaction of the default printer with ArcMap's export, see the link in the Related Information section.


Windows XP

1. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes.

2. Double-click Add printer. Click Next.

3. Check the first available local printer port, for example: LPT1. Clear Automatic if it is selected. Click Next.

4. Select Agfa as the manufacturer and AGFA-AccuSet v52.3 as the printer. Click Next.

If your operating system is Windows Vista or newer, you may not see an entry for the printer listed above. In this case, choose a large format, high resolution printer such as an HP DesignJet. The key is to choose a printer that has a large form size and a high resolution.

5. Select Not Shared. Click Next.

6. Select No for the option to print a test page. Click Finish.

7. Right-click this printer in the Printer Manager window and select Default.

Windows 7

1. Click the Start button, and click Devices and Printers.

2. Click Add a printer.

3. In the Add printer dialog, click Add a local printer.

4. Under Choose a printer port, select Use an existing port, and use the first available port (LPT1). Click Next.

5. Under Install the printer driver, select a large-format, high-resolution printer. Click Next.

6. Type a name for the printer and click Next.

7. Under Printer Sharing, select Do not share this printer. Click Next.

8. Select Set as default printer, and click Finish.

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