How To: Create a world file for a georeferenced raster in ArcGIS Desktop


Instructions provided are to create a world file for any supported georeferenced rasters in ArcGIS Desktop.


  1. Add the georeferenced raster to ArcMap.

    Ensure the coordinate system of the data frame is set to that of the raster.

  2. Add the Georeferencing toolbar to ArcMap.
  3. Activate the Control Points tools on the Georeferencing toolbar.
  4. Left-click anywhere on the raster to add a 'from' control point.
  5. Move the cursor away from the location of the 'from' control point.
  6. Right-click and select Cancel Point. This activates the Update Georeferencing and Rectify options on the Georeferencing menu.
  7. Click the Georeferencing menu. Click Update Georeferencing. This creates a world file for the raster.