How To: Create a dummy license file


Instructions provided describe how to create a 'dummy' or license file.


  1. Start the license manager installation.
  2. On the Import License File dialog box, select 'I received the license file by fax' and click Create.
  3. If installing the ArcGIS License Manager for 9.x, click Edit on the License File Summary dialog box.

    If installing the ESRI License Manager for 8.x, click Create on the License File dialog box.
  4. In the License File window, enter 'xxx hostname' and click ok.

    The error message 'There are no valid FEATURE or UPGRADE lines in the file you selected. This may be caused from importing an old license file. This version of the software requires new keycodes. Click OK, then click Edit to repair the errors.' is displayed.

    This error message is normal; click OK to return to the License File Window and the click Next to continue.
  5. Finish the installation procedure and reboot the computer.