How To: Run an AML using the geoprocessing server


AML scripts that contain nongraphic Arc module commands can be run with the geoprocessing server.


  • Run the AML from ArcToolbox.

    A.Open ArcToolbox and expand MyTools.
    B.Double-click Run Geoprocessing AML.
    C.Navigate to the AML and click OK.

  • Run the AML from the DOS or Unix command window.

    A.Type REMOTE at the ARC prompt.

    B.Type CONNECT at the GPClient prompt.

    C.Enter the server name, instance, user name, and password when prompted.

    D.Type SEND at the GPClient propmt.

    E.Type '&run myaml.aml' at the ARC prompt. Make sure &r and the aml name are enclosed in single quotes.