How To: Run an aml at a specified date and time on Windows NT


Steps to automate the execution of an aml at a specified date and time.


  1. Create a batch file, name it something like 'runaml.bat', insert and modify the following line to run your aml:

    %ARCHOME%\bin\arc "&r amlpath\your.aml" 

  2. Double-click the MyComputer icon on your Desktop and double-click Scheduled Tasks.
  3. Double-click Add Scheduled Task and click Next.
  4. Use the Browse Button to navigate to where your batch file is and select your file.
  5. Type a name for your task and select how often you want to perform the task.
  6. Select the time and date you want to run the aml.
  7. Type your username and password.
  8. Click Finish to schedule the task.

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