Problem: Release a hung license with lmremove


Occasionally a license may not be checked back into the pool of available licenses. This document details the steps necessary to release the hung license using the 'lmremove' command.


When a license is checked out, and either the license server or the machine running the software hangs, the license becomes 'hung' and is not made available for use by others until it is released.

Solution or Workaround

This workflow is deprecated after Version 9.3.1, that is, 9.3.1 is the last release of ArcGIS License Manager that will support the lmremove command line utility.

The steps given below require that you be at or remotely logged into the License Manager server.

The example below uses the following information:

Feature - ARC/INFO - This is the license that is hung.
User - Username - The user name of the person who checked out the license.
Host - SERVERNAME - The host name of the machine that the license was being used on.
Port - 27004 - The port the license manager uses to communicate.
LM_Server - redoctober - The host name of the License Manager server.
Handle - 104 - A unique identifier for the license session.

  1. Using the command line, go to the License Manager directory.

    C:\> cd Program Files\ESRI\License

    UNIX% cd $ARCHOME/sysgen

  2. Obtain the information for the required fields of the lmremove command by running the license manager status command.

    C:\Program Files\ESRI\License> lmutil lmstat -a:.

    UNIX% lmutil lmstat -a -c license.dat

    Example of the output from the lmutil lmstat command:

    Feature usage info:

    Users of ARC/INFO: (total of 2 license available)
    "Arc/INFO" v9.0, vendor: ARCGIS
    floating license
    username SERVERNAME 6BLf"L{>j0)n0ecs~ (v9.0) (redoctober/27004
    104), started Fri 6/11 10:30

    It is possible to specify the .lic file instead of (.) if the licenses are in one file.

  3. Check the output returned from the lmstat command to select the license that is to be released.
  4. The proper syntax for the lmremove command is:

    lmutil lmremove -h FEATURENAME server_host PORT handle


    lmutil lmremove <feature> <user> <host> <display>

  5. Using the '-h <feature> <host> <port@LM_SERVER> <handle>' option:

    %> lmutil lmremove -h ARC/INFO servername 27004@redoctober 104

    Using the 'lmutil lmremove <feature> <user> <host> <display>' option:

    lmutil lmremove -c license.dat ARC/INFO username servername X:%#($1:0.0

  6. It is possible that the display information is encrypted. Such is the case here:

       username servername 6BLf"L(v8.01) (server1/27004 104), start Wed 5/1/03 10:38

    In such cases, it is best to use the lmremove option '-h <feature> <host> <port@LM_Server> <handle>', unless the license manager is pre ArcInfo 7.2.1 or pre ArcView 3.1. When the display is encrypted, it may contain special characters, such as |, (,), ~, which will not be read for their text value. Use the double quotes when encountering such characters. For example:

    lmutil lmremove -c license.dat ARC/INFO username servername "6BLf"L"

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