ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt 200.4

Release date: April 11, 2024

Technical support; support status general availability

Technical Support

Support status: General Availability

General Availability
Apr 11, 2024–Apr 10, 2025
Apr 11, 2025–Apr 10, 2026
Apr 11, 2026–Apr 10, 2028
April 11, 2028
Create a caseincludedincludedincludednot included
Phone and chatincludedincludedincludednot included
Online support resourcesincludedincludedincludedincluded
Software updates and patchesincludedincludednot includednot included
New environment certificationsincludednot includednot includednot included

Multiple version table

VersionRelease dateGeneral AvailabilityExtended Mature RetiredRelease notes
200.4April 11, 2024Apr 11, 2024–April 10, 2025Apr 11, 2025–Apr 10, 2026Apr 11, 2026–Apr 10, 2028April 11, 2028What's new
200.3December 6, 2023Dec 6, 2023–Dec 5, 2024Dec 6, 2024–Dec 5,2025Dec 6, 2025–Dec 5, 2027December 6, 2027What’s new
200.2August 16, 2023Aug 16, 2023–Aug 15, 2024Aug 16, 2024–Aug 15, 2025Aug 16, 2025–Aug 15, 2027August 16, 2027What's new
200.1April 19, 2023Apr 19, 2023–Apr 18, 2024Apr 19, 2024–Apr 18, 2025Apr 19, 2025–Apr 18, 2027April 19, 2027What's new
200.0December 14, 2022Dec 14, 2022–Dec 13, 2023Dec 14, 2023–Dec 13, 2024Dec 14, 2024–Dec 13, 2026December 14, 2026

Additional product notes

QML API Deprecation

For many years, ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt have provided two different APIs: a QML API and a C++ API. The QML API allowed for writing both UI and business logic in QML, but over time best practices have settled on separating these. Due to changes in the app development space, Esri is deprecating the QML API portion of the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Qt. For Qt developers using the QML API, it is recommended to use the C++ API. Qt developers can still write all their UI in QML, but as of version 200.5, the business logic will move from JavaScript to C++. Check out the ArcGIS Blog for more information.

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