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ArcGIS Monitor 2023.2 Release Notes

Published: July 27, 2023


ArcGIS Monitor 2023.2 is a minor release focused on critical stability improvements.

Features and Enhancements

  • ENH-000119456: Added ability to configure a data retention policy to automatically mange the amount of historical metric data and component log messages preserved within the ArcGIS Monitor database.
  • ENH-000159477: Improved host utilization metrics calculations to disallow reporting over 100%
  • ENH: Improved calculation of metrics related to ArcGIS Server’s DynamicMappingHost service to account for activity on related shared services.
  • ENH: Improved inheritance of shared map service instance attributes from the DynamicMappingHost
  • ENH: Improved PowerShell pool to recycle process instances every 24 hours. This helps alleviate scenarios where certain third party security audit logs would grow due to long lived processes. 

Issues addressed

  • BUG-000158169: Fixed an issue causing incorrect values to be calculated for the "Pagefile Utilized" and "Pagefile Used" metrics from Linux host components
  • BUG-000157190: Fixed an issue causing Service components to become orphaned in ArcGIS Monitor after being deleted from the monitored ArcGIS Server
  • BUG-000157186: Fixed an issue where instance saturation metric would be calculated incorrectly for shared map services
  • BUG-000157239: Fixed an issue where ArcGIS Server services would show incorrect instance min/max when underlying services were toggled between dedicated and shared providers

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