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ArcGIS Monitor 2023.1 Release Notes

Published: May 4, 2023


ArcGIS Monitor 2023.1 is a minor release focused on stability and improvements 

Features and Enhancements

  • FEAT: Added ability to update a component's connection details
  • FEAT: Added ability to create new labels during Component registration workflow
  • FEAT: Added ability to bulk manage component labels
  • ENH: Added new RDP / Terminal service metrics to Windows host monitoring
  • ENH: Added new pagefile and swap memory metrics to Windows and Linux host monitoring
  • ENH: Added new disk utilization metric to Windows and Linux host monitoring
  • ENH: Improved component type formatting in alerts table, components table, and collection expression form 
  • ENH: Updated the “Error” status icon, text, and color to be differentiated from "Unknown" status 
  • ENH: Added “OR” operator to label filtering
  • ENH: Improved Linux host monitoring robustness across supported distributions
  • ENH: Improved temporal query performance for analysis using datetime picker
  • ENH: Improved formatting of various component overview attributes
  • ENH: Added ability for child component names to be permanently overridden
  • ENH: Added new ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcCatalog process metrics to Windows host monitoring

Issues addressed

  • BUG-000155820: Fixed an issue causing monitor registration to fail for highly available Portal for ArcGIS deployments
  • BUG-000155947: Fixed an issue causing installation to fail on Windows when the service account password included certain special characters
  • BUG-000155995: Fixed an issue causing collection expression evaluation to fail when some fields were included
  • BUG-000156381: Fixed an issue causing an incorrect ArcGIS Monitor license expiration date to be presented for permanent licenses
  • BUG-000156585: Fixed an issue causing intermittent metric data for AWS cloud
  • BUG-000156610: Fixed an issue causing the user password strength indicator to not recognize certain special characters
  • BUG-000157109: Fixed an issue causing SQL Server geodatabases to not be recognized when the specified username did not match the geodatabase's schema
  • BUG-000157135: Fixed an issue causing monitor registration to fail for Portal for ArcGIS versions 10.8 and earlier
  • BUG-000157196: Fixed an issue causing ArcGIS Monitor server to crash when a weak SSL certificate was uploaded

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