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ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service Startup Patch

Published: January 22, 2018


This patch resolves crashes with geoprocessing services after installing certain Microsoft Windows updates on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. This affects key system functionality including the ability to publish new services, printing, and running geoprocessing jobs.


EsriĀ® announces the ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service Startup Patch. This patch addresses an issue where geoprocessing services crash upon startup after installing Microsoft Windows update KB4056894 or the combination of KB4056568 and KB4056897 on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. Without this patch, you can't publish new services, use the print service, or run geoprocessing jobs. While the loss of functionality has only been encountered on Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7, Esri encourages all customers running on Windows to install this patch during regular maintenance. This patch deals specifically with the issues listed below under Issues Addressed with this Patch.


Important Note: After the patch is installed, please check and ensure all geoprocessing services have started and are functioning appropriately. This includes custom published geoprocessing services as well as the ArcGIS Server System and Utilities geoprocessing services, particularly System/PublishingTools and Utilities/PrintingTools. If any of these services do not start correctly, do not restart ArcGIS Server; instead, stop and start each affected geoprocessing service manually from within ArcGIS Server Manager.


Issues Addressed with this patch

  • BUG-000110662 - Geoprocessing service instances crash after installing windows patches on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7.


Installing this patch on Windows


Installation Steps:


ArcGIS Server 10.6, 10.5.1, 10.5, 10.4.1, 10.4, 10.3.1, 10.3, 10.2.2, or 10.2.1 must be installed before installing this patch.

  1. Download the appropriate file to a location other than your ArcGIS installation location.

    10.6   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-106-S-GSS-Patch.msp E536324B71697C9D51DCC3A0CDE5A72F
    10.5.1   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-1051-S-GSS-Patch.msp 932F50A69A9DDABEE904D8F3356B3EBA
    10.5   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-105-S-GSS-PatchB.msp 2FB900511A7E5C4EBA12663A60105942
    10.4.1   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-1041-S-GSS-Patch.msp 3CC49D79034DBEE7AFC5D3C018C64F9A
    10.4   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-104-S-GSS-Patch.msp 39D22D813C3486F2559D472A2EA7566B
    10.3.1   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-1031-S-GSS-Patch.msp 1E5BA9B42894F03B984FC44F26822BB1
    10.3   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-103-S-GSS-Patch.msp E0997415FD64DBE8EDF2B2B64693F645
    10.2.2   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-1022-S-GSS-Patch.msp 85290f18bdb7579e9cf84937002d52c2
    10.2.1   Checksum (Md5)
      ArcGIS-1021-S-GSS-Patch.msp 0d5604505e8ffbea5a756b0b7bd278ad
    NOTE: Please contact your Esri Account Manager and or Technical Account Manager if you need help upgrading to a version listed above or have other questions about this issue.

  2. Make sure you have write access to your ArcGIS installation location.
  3. Double-click ArcGIS-<Version>-<Product>-GSS-Patch.msp to start the setup process.
    NOTE: If double clicking on the MSP file does not start the setup installation, you can start the setup installation manually by using the following command:

    msiexec.exe /p [location of Patch]\ArcGIS-<Version>-<Product>-GSS-Patch.msp

Patch Updates

Check the Patches and Service Packs page periodically for the availability of additional patches. New information about this patch will be posted here.

January 23, 2018: The ArcGIS Server 10.3.1 version of this patch is now available for download.

January 24, 2018: The ArcGIS Server 10.6 and 10.5 versions of this patch are now available for download.

January 25, 2018: The ArcGIS Server 10.4 and 10.3 versions of this patch are now available for download.

January 26, 2018: The ArcGIS Server 10.2.2 version of this patch is now available for download.

March 26, 2018: The 10.5 version of this patch has been replaced with a "B" setup. This is to address an issue where the PublishingToolsEx geoprocessing service fails to start. The "B" setup will install over the top of the original setup.


How to identify which ArcGIS products are installed

To determine if the product(s) for this ArcGIS patch are installed, choose the appropriate operating system version of the PatchFinder utility for your environment and run it from your local machine. PatchFinder will list all core ArcGIS products, hot fixes, and patches installed on your local machine.

Getting Help

Domestic sites, please contact Esri Technical Support at 1-888-377-4575, if you have any difficulty installing this patch. International sites, please contact your local Esri software distributor.

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