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What is the maximum supported partition name length in Oracle when using a local spatial index?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The maximum allowed partition name for tables with st_geometry attributes that use a local st_spatial_index is twenty-five characters.

Oracle limits all table names, partition names, index names, etc. to a maximum of thirty characters. When creating a local st_geometry_index for each partition, the name of the domain index requires five additional characters for its naming convention.

For example, if the partitioned table name is lightning_strikes and has twelve partitions, each using the month as a prefix in the naming convention, for example JAN_2009, when creating the local spatial index, each index will use the partition name in its naming convention. The spatial index on partition JAN_2009 will be called SJAN_2009_PX$, the spatial index name on partition FEB_2009 will be called SFEB_2009_PX$, and so on.

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