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What are the coordinate system, map projection, and geographic transformation updates at ArcGIS Pro 3.0?

Last Published: July 6, 2022


At ArcGIS Pro 3.0, the following changes have been made to coordinate systems, map projections, and geographic transformations.

  • Several planetary satellites and extraterrestrial bodies had updated definitions added based on the IAU/IAG 2015 publication. Projected coordinate systems for Mars and the moon were also added. 
  • The Luxembourg 1930 name was updated to LUREF which affected geographic and projected coordinate systems and several transformations.
  • Several edits were made to geographic transformations:
    • The name of MGI_1901_To_WGS_1984_12, 8688, was updated to MGI_1901_To_WGS_1984_16.
    • The rotation values were fixed in 9383, KSA-GRF17_To_WGS_1984_1, and 9472, DGN95_to_SRGI2013_1.
    • The transformation method was fixed in 1825, Hong_Kong_1980_To_WGS_1984_1.
    • The WKIDs and transformation methods were updated for CR05_to_CR-SIRGAS_1 and CR05_To_WGS_1984_2.
    • A rotation value was fixed in 8827, Camacupa_2015_To_RSAO13_1.
  • Many years ago, the EPSG registry ( deleted entries that had problems. They added corrected entries with new well-known IDs (WKID). This included a large group of geographic transformations where the ‘old’ WKIDs were in the 8xxx range. Esri kept the previous WKIDs in case someone was using them, but ‘code-changed’ the objects to use the official WKIDs. EPSG has started reusing the 8xxx numbers, although only a few objects so far have been affected. The code-change entries that used 8xxx (and which no longer exist in the EPSG registry) were removed at this release. This allows us to use the 8xxx values for new EPSG entries. Five GDA2020 transformations were affected and had been given Esri WKID numbers (108xxx). They now have code-change entries to their official EPSG WKID numbers. These are:
    • GDA_1994_To_GDA2020_1, 108060 to 8048
    • GDA_1994_To_GDA2020_NTv2_2_Conformal_and_Distortion, 108447 to 8447
    • GDA_1994_To_GDA2020_NTv2_3_Conformal, 108446 to 8446
    • GDA_1994_To_GDA2020_NTv2_4_Christmas, 108444 to 8444
    • GDA_1994_To_GDA2020_NTv2_5_Cocos_Keeling, 108445 to 8445
  • Several new vertical transformations based on geoids, quasi-geoids, or other conversion grids are available. You can use them to transform to or between gravity-related vertical coordinate systems for the following areas: Belgium, Estonia (geoid file distributed by AlphaGIS, Estonian distributor), Italy (EVRF 2019), Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Tasmania (Australia), Ukraine (EVRF 2019), and United Kingdom (HS2-VRF).
  • Projection mathematics for the Hotine oblique Mercator projection and the Rectified skew orthomorphic projection have been modified to fix an issue with ±90° azimuth cases. This is expected to cause about 4 cm offset in the center of the Swiss projected coordinate systems (affected WKIDs are: 2056, 21780, 21781 and 21782). The projection algorithm has been added as a new variant to the Hotine oblique Mercator projection.

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  • ArcGIS Pro 3 0

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