Shapefile Network Dataset Deprecation Notice

Last Published: August 16, 2023


ArcGIS Pro 3.2 will be the last release that supports the shapefile network dataset as a valid file type. ArcGIS Pro has never supported the ability to create or edit a shapefile network dataset. ArcGIS Enterprise has never supported the publishing of services from shapefile network datasets.


At the next ArcGIS Pro release, the shapefile network dataset will not be recognized as a valid file type and will not be displayed in the Catalog pane or dialogs for supported file types. Esri recommends all customers to prepare for this change by building their network datasets in a file geodatabase or enterprise geodatabase. Models and scripts that reference shapefile network datasets must be migrated to use network datasets in a file geodatabase or enterprise geodatabase.

•  Use the Feature Class To Feature Class tool to migrate the shapefile network data sources to a file geodatabase.
•  The Create a network dataset tutorial guides users through creating a network dataset inside a file geodatabase.

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