Route with Find Best Order Sequence option computes the same sequence of stops to visit independently of the impedance selected

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The Route solver in ArcGIS Network Analyst with the Find Best Sequence option checked computes the same sequence of stops to visit regardless of the impedance selected.

This behavior can occur in the following situations:
· Create a Route analysis layer in ArcMap.
· Compute a route with the Find Best Sequence option using a set of stops and the first cost attribute in the network dataset as the impedance attribute. For example, the length cost attribute.
· Using the same Route layer and stops, compute the route with a different cost attribute as the impedance attribute, for example, the DriveTime cost attribute.

The Route solver orders the stops in the same sequence, independent of the impedance selected. The sequence of the stops for the second analysis is not optimal.


In order to compute a tour solution, the ArcGIS Network Analyst's Route solver with the FindBestSequence option first determines the origin-destination cost matrix between all stops.

On each solve, the solver incorrectly uses the first selected impedance in the Network Analyst Route layer to compute the Origin-Destination cost matrix. It should be using the currently selected impedance.

Therefore, the ordering of the stops is only optimal to the first impedance attribute used.


  1. Create a new Network Analyst Route layer.
  2. Copy all stops and barriers to the new Route layer.
  3. On the new Route layer, select the appropriate cost attribute as impedance to minimize.
  4. Click Solve.

Article ID:000007951

  • ArcMap 9 x

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