Pagination is not supported

Last Published: April 26, 2020

Error Message

Starting with ArcGIS for Server 10.3, performing a Map Service\Layer query from the ArcGIS Server REST API may result in the following error:

"Pagination is not supported."

This error is encountered when querying the service utilizing the 'Result Offset' and 'Result Record Count' parameters to define the number of records returned.



When the option 'Advanced Query Capabilities: Supports Pagination' is set to 'false', pagination is not supported by the Database Management System (DBMS) version.


Solution or Workaround

When querying the Map Service\Layer from the ArcGIS Server REST API, the Advanced Query Capabilities: Support Pagination option must be set to 'true'. This functionality is determined by the underlying DBMS version of the data from which the service is published.

Pagination cannot be enabled or disabled, so if the above error message is encountered, upgrading to a DBMS version that supports pagination is necessary.

The following is a list of DBMS versions known to begin supporting pagination.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise/Express 2012
  • Oracle 12c
  • PostgreSQL 9.1
To determine if advanced queries for pagination are supported by the DBMS version follow these steps:
  1. Go to the ArcGIS REST Services Directory, select a service, then select the layer to query.
  2. Observe that the Supports Advanced Queries option is set to true, but to take advantage of pagination, the Advanced Query Capabilities: Supports Pagination option must also be set to true.


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