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Is it possible to export feature collections to a file geodatabase directly in ArcGIS Online?

Last Published: September 13, 2023


A feature collection is a type of feature layer that is stored in ArcGIS Online. Essentially, a feature collection is a graphic layer which displays features and attributes on a web map using code that is stored within the item in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. Feature collections can be created by adding data directly to a web map and then saving the layers to the web map. The layers can be created using a Map Notes layer or by adding a file, such as CSV, shapefile, or GPX files, directly to a web map. After saving the web map, the feature collection information is stored within the web map JSON.

A particular feature collection layer can be saved as its own Item from the Contents of a web map by using the Save Layer option in the layer properties menu. The Item becomes a reusable layer in Content and can be shared with others as well as added to multiple web maps. However, a feature collection is technically a form of a JSON file, and does not have the same structure as a hosted feature service. 

It is not possible to export a feature collection item directly to a file geodatabase. However, a feature collection can be published as a hosted feature service and the hosted feature service can then be exported to a file geodatabase. The steps are described below:

  1. In ArcGIS Online, go to Content.
  2. Click the feature collection item to open its Item Details page.
  3. Click Publish to create a feature service.

    Click Publish
  4. In Content, browse to the feature service item to open the Item Details page.
  5. Click Export Data > Export to FGDB. This opens the Export to File Geodatabase window.

Click Export

  1. Specify the title and tags, and click Export.
  2. A file geodatabase item is created in Content which can then be downloaded

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