Install the Visio 2003 Professional UML to XMI Export Facility

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to install the Visio 2003 Professional UML to XMI Export Facility.


  1. When installing the XMI Export Facility tool for the first time, set Visio Macro Security option to Low:

    A. Open Visio and select the Tools > Options menu.

    B. Click the Security Tab and select the Macro Security button.

    C. Set the security level to Low.

    D. Close Visio.

  2. A. Copy the file ESRI XMI Export.vsl located under the ArcGIS installation folder ...\CaseTools\Utilities.

    B. Paste this file to the Visio 2003 installation folder ...\Visio11\1033.
  3. Download the file XMIExprt.exe from the Microsoft download page. See Related Information for a link to the Microsoft downloads page.

    Search for the keywords UML or XMI at the Microsoft downloads page. There should be two or three returned links depending on the keyword used. Ensure the link for Visio 2003 is selected.

  4. A. Verify the file was downloaded and unzipped.

    B. Paste the file XMIExprt.dll to the Visio 2003 installation folder ...\Visio11\DLL.

    This is not a typo. This file is for Visio 2003. The file XMIExport.dll is for Visio 2002.

  5. Start Visio 2003 Professional.
  6. Select the Tools menu and select Options.
  7. Select the Advanced Tab in the Options dialog box, and click the 'File Paths...' button.
  8. A. Select the browse button for the Add-ons field and navigate to the Visio 2003 installation folder ...\Visio11\1033.

    B. Click Select.
  9. Click OK to close the File Paths and Options dialog boxes.
  10. Restart Visio Professional for the changes to take effect.
  11. Open, in Visio, the file ArcInfo UML Model (Visio 2003).vst from the ArcGIS installation folder ...\CaseTools\UML Models.

    For more information on how to export UML to XMI, see Related Information below: Building Geodatabases with CASE tools.

    If the current ArcInfo UML Model (Visio 2003).vst template is not present, see the Related Information section for the Visio 2003 UML Template download.

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