Identify deprecated Configurable Apps in ArcGIS Online using a Python script

Last Published: June 15, 2023


The article, ArcGIS Configurable Apps Deprecation, gives notice that ArcGIS Configurable Apps, including the configuring experience of the Configurable Apps Gallery in ArcGIS Online, will be retired in December 2025. Previously-configured apps, which work in ArcGIS Online at the time of publication, can no longer be opened and functional at the end of 2025.


The attached script, CheckDeprecatedConfigurableApps_AGOL.txt, assists with identifying applications in ArcGIS Online that are subject to this deprecation, to allow application authors or administrators to migrate the applications to new templates, prior to the retirement of Configurable Apps in ArcGIS Online.

To run the script:

  1. Download, and extract the file CheckDeprecatedConfigurableApps_AGOL.txt.
  2. Replace your ArcGIS Online organization URL and username in the first few lines.
  3. Save the text file as a .py file, and run it.

The output is a list of all applications that will not be working any more in ArcGIS Online at Dec 2025 when ArcGIS Configurable Apps is retired, and must be updated, retired, or removed.

Article ID:000030774

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