Set up a doskey alias for the ArcIMS command line tools


The Windows doskey tool can be used to set up an alias for ArcIMS command line capabilities that can reduce the amount of typing necessary to perform a command.


  1. In a text editor, create a new batch file named alias.bat.
    The file can be saved to any location on your system. For this example, the file will be saved to c:\bin\alias.bat.
  2. Add the doskey alias to this file using the syntax

    doskey aliasname="Java filepath" com.esri.aims.admincore.cmd.Exec uid pwd $*


    · aliasname is the alias you assign.

    · Java filepath is the complete file location to the Java.exe in the JRE used by ArcIMS Administrator.

    · is the host computer.

    · uid is the user name used to log into ArcIMS Administrator or ArcIMS Manager.

    · pwd is the password used to log into ArcIMS Administrator or ArcIMS Manager.

    For example,
    doskey arcims="c:\Program Files\ArcGIS\ArcIMS\Jre\j21.3.1_02\bin\java.exe" com.esri.aims.admincore.cmd.Exec admin admin $*

  3. Save and close the file.

    Next we need to confirm that the alias runs successfully.
  4. Click Start > Run, type cmd.exe, and click OK to open the command prompt window.
  5. In the window, type in the batch file location and hit Enter to run it.

    For example,

    The command window should appear as follows once complete.

    [O-Image] doskey alias.bat

  6. Continuing in the command window, type in the aliasname and command using the syntax

    aliasname function command/filename


    · aliasname is the alias you assigned in the alias.bat file.

    · function is "CMD" or "file".

    · command/filename is the ArcIMS command or the complete file location to the ADMINCMD XML file.

    A complete list of valid ArcIMS command line functions can be accessed from the link in Related Information below.

    For example,
    arcims CMD service

    arcims file c:\ArcIMS\RefreshAllServices.xml

    Using the "service" command as an example, the window should provide information about each service, appearing similar to this once complete.

    [O-Image] doskey alias.bat2

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