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Last Published: August 3, 2022


When upgrading ArcGIS Enterprise, issues encountered during the upgrade can corrupt ArcGIS Data Store and destroy stored data. To retrieve lost data, ArcGIS Data Store must be restored to an earlier backup point. Refer to Portal for ArcGIS: Manage data store backups for more information.

This article provides instructions on how to restore ArcGIS Data Store on the same machine it was corrupted.

To restore ArcGIS Data Store on a new machine, follow any of the solutions provided in Portal for ArcGIS: Recover a data store.


  1. Create a machine snapshot.
  2. Copy the following directory from the primary machine, and save it on a secondary machine:
  1. Move the desired data store backup folder with the most recent backup file to a shared directory, and ensure it is accessible to the user on the primary machine. The default location for the backup file is:
  1. Launch Windows Services, and stop the ArcGIS Data Store service.
  2. Delete the following folder in the primary machine:
  1. Navigate to ArcGIS Server Manager > Site > GIS Server > Data Stores. Identify the ArcGIS Data Store used as a managed database, and click Unregister. This unregisters the identified data store as a managed database.
The Managed Database selection in ArcGIS Server Manager
  1. Launch Windows Services, and start the ArcGIS Data Store service.
  1. Run Windows Command Prompt as an administrator. Change the directory to the ArcGIS Data Store utilities folder by entering the following command:
cd <ArcGIS Data Store installation directory>\DataStore\tools
  1. Enter the following command to run the 'restoredatastore' command utility:
restoredatastore --store relational --target most-recent --source-loc \\myserver\backups\spatiotemporal --data-dir C:\arcgisdatastore --server-url --server-admin siteadmin --server-password MySApw
  1. Navigate to C:\arcgisdatastore\etc, and open the arcgis-data-store-config.json file in a text editor software. Ensure the following settings are true:
"datastore.lastknownstatus": "Started"
"localstore.lastknownstatus": "Started"
Image of the data store settings in the arcgis-data-store-config.json file

The ArcGIS Data Store is restored to an earlier backup point.

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