Reshape the edge of a polygon to match a polygon feature in a different layer

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Instructions provided describe how to reshape the edge of a polygon to match a polygon feature in a different layer.


  1. Open the Topology toolbar.

    [O-Image] Img_0
  2. Start an Edit session: Task = Create New Feature, Target = Layer1. In the illustrations, Layer1 is called 'Poly1', and Layer2 is called 'Counties'.

    [O-Image] Img_1
  3. Set Edit Snapping to Vertex and End for both feature classes.

    [O-Image] Img_2
  4. Click the Map Topology button on the Topology toolbar. In the Map Topology dialog box, click the checkbox next to Layer1 (the layer to be edited).

    [O-Image] Img_3
  5. Click the Topology Edit tool on the Topology toolbar.

    [O-Image] Img_4
  6. Click on the edge of the polygon to be edited (P1), so that the edge appears purple.

    [O-Image] Img_5
  7. In the Editor toolbar, click the Edit tool (Arrow).
  8. Select the polygon (P2) from Layer2 that will be used to reshape the polygon (P1) in Layer1.

    [O-Image] Img_6
  9. In the Editor toolbar, change the edit task to 'Reshape Edge' in the Topology Tasks section.

    [O-Image] Img_7
  10. Using the Editor Sketch tool (Pencil), click on the vertex of P1 that will be the starting point for edge modification.

    [O-Image] Img_8
  11. Change the Sketch tool to the Trace tool (last tool in the collection).

    [O-Image] Img_9
  12. Click on the first vertex of P2 to which P1 should conform. This could be the same point that was clicked on in step 10, if the two polygons are coincident there.
  13. Without holding the mouse button down, drag the tool along the edge of P2, tracing the path that P1 should follow.

    [O-Image] Img_10
  14. Continue tracing until the last point of P2 to which P1 should conform is reached. Click to snap this last point in place.

    [O-Image] Img_11
  15. Change the Trace tool to the Sketch (pencil) tool.
  16. Click or snap the tool to the vertex of P1 that will be the ending point for edge modification. If this is the same point as in step 14, do not complete this step.
  17. Press F2 or right-click Finish Sketch. P1 is given a new border coincident with the part of P2 that was traced.
  18. Stop editing.
  19. Save edits.
  20. If desired, view/verify the points in the updated polygon P1: Start an Edit session, set the Edit Task to Modify Feature, Edit Target to Layer1. Hide layers other than Layer1. Select P1, and open the Sketch Properties tool in the Editor toolbar.

    [O-Image] Img_12

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