Add auto sequential values using attribute rules in ArcGIS Pro


This article provides steps to let the newly created features have the next number sequence in a field, such as an ID or index field.


Before beginning, ensure the feature to add the sequential values to has a Global ID field. If not, use the Add Global IDs geoprocessing tool.

Create a database sequence using the Create Database Sequence geoprocessing tool.

  1. Navigate to the data database for Input Workspace.
  2. Specify a Sequence Name. In this example, the name is 'Test'.
  3. Set the Sequence Start ID to the current maximum value in the field.
  4. Set the Sequence Increment Value to 1.
The Create Database Sequence tool window.
  1. Right-click the feature in the Contents pane and click Design > Attribute Rules.
  2. Click the Add Rule drop-down and select Add Immediate Calculation Rule.
  3. Specify a Rule Name.
  4. Select the Field to use.
  5. In the Expression box, type the following Arcade expression:
NextSequenceValue ('Test')
When adding an attribute rule, ensure that the Exclude from application evaluation parameter is enabled or set to true.
  1. Under Triggers, select the Insert checkbox.
  2. On the Attribute Rules toolbar, click Save.
The Attribute Rules tab displaying the Calculation parameters.

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  • ArcGIS Pro 2 7 x
  • ArcGIS Pro 2 x

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