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How does the singleLineAddress property for geocoding services vary across address locator types?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


The singleLineFieldName parameter, which is the field name of the Single Line Address property in the REST services directory for the locator service, is required when configuring the Search widget to consume a geocode service. If the entry for this parameter does not match the value of the geocode service, searches through the widget may be unsuccessful.

The values of the singleLineAddress property for geocoding services are influenced by the address locator type, depending on whether the address locator is a single or composite locator. The address locator type eventually determines the style of the address being geocoded.

The singleLineAddressField value for address locators built using the US Address locator style is Single Line Input, whereas composite locators use SingleLine. These values should not change between versions 10.1-10.4. However, address locators based on a general locator style may have inconsistent field names, such as:
  • Gazetteer = SingleLine
  • Single Field = Single Line Input
  • City, State, Country = SingleLineCityName
The best way to determine the name of the singleLineAddressField property name is for a geocode service to query the service description through the REST endpoint, for example:
Look for the value of the singleLineAddressField property, which queries the name of the single line field. There is no way to specify this parameter when creating a locator or when publishing a geocode service, as it is defined within the configuration files of the locator:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop<version>\<Locators>

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