Geolocation services are unavailable in the January 2018 update to Google Chrome

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Geolocation services (used by the "Find my location" feature) are not available when using a Google Chrome browser with the January 2018 update installed. This update deprecates permissions in cross-origin iframes, including geolocation, midi, encrypted media extensions, and microphone/camera access. 


With the January 2018 update, Google Chrome disallows access to the browser's geolocation API in a cross-domain iframe unless the embedded page specifically allows it in the iframe element in the Document Object Model. Both the ArcGIS Maps and the ArcGIS Search app parts embedded in the ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint add-in are rendered in iframes served from external domains. Because the iframe is inserted into the page by SharePoint at runtime, the geolocation=allow policy cannot be applied to the iframe element. Because the "Find my location" feature requires the geolocation API, the feature is not available when using the browser.

Solution or Workaround

This limitation is caused by the Google Chrome browser, and is not a defect in ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint. To access the Find my location feature, use ArcGIS Maps for SharePoint in one of the other supported browsers.

Article ID:000018050

  • ArcGIS for SharePoint

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