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Is the Spatial Adjustment toolbar available in ArcGIS Pro?

Last Published: December 27, 2021


No, the Spatial Adjustment toolbar is not available in ArcGIS Pro. As an alternative, use the Transform tool. The Transform tool uses displacement links to perform geometric transformations. The procedure and output are similar to the Spatial Adjustment toolbar in ArcMap. Refer to ArcGIS Pro: Transform features for more information.

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, on the ribbon, navigate to Edit.
  2. Under Edit, on the Manage Edits tab, select No Topology.
The ArcGIS Pro Edit pane
  1. Under Edit, navigate to the Features tab and select Modify to bring up the Modify Features pane.
The Features tab
  1. In the Modify Features pane, under All Tools, expand Alignment > Transform.
The Modify Features pane
  1. In the Transform pane, under Selected features, select the feature layer for transformation.
The Transform pane
  1. Under Transformation Method, click the drop-down arrow and choose a transformation method. In this example, Similarity is selected.
The Transformation Method drop-down
  1. Under Transform, navigate to Links, and select Add new links.
The Transform pane with the Links tab
  1. Draw two-point displacement links defining the origin and destination paths. In this example, three displacement links are drawn. Click Transform on the bottom-right of the Transform pane.
The two-point displacement links

The image shows the polygon is successfully transformed.

The polygon transformed

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