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Is it possible to switch Esri Story Maps templates while editing?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


Although it is not possible to switch templates while editing in the classic version of Esri Story Maps, this function is available in the new ArcGIS StoryMaps. Once ArcGIS StoryMaps gains its full functionality, its unified story builder will enable users to create content blocks using different templates in a single story map. In 2020, more content blocks resembling the classic version will be added to ArcGIS StoryMaps as the classic templates will only be available for creating new stories until mid-2020. Refer to ArcGIS StoryMaps Frequently Asked Questions, ArcGIS StoryMaps: Product road map, or the overview page of ArcGIS StoryMaps for more information.

Choose one of the workarounds described below to manage different story map layouts in the classic Esri Story Maps.

Switch layouts within the same template

Some Esri Story Maps templates contain multiple choices of layouts. Click SETTINGS and select the best layout to match the data presentation. Refer to the table below for the list of layouts available for each Esri Story Maps template.

Story Maps TemplateOption for the Story Maps Template Layout
BasicNone. Only changing the Theme option is available.
CascadeNone. Only changing the Appearance option is available.
JournalSide Panel; Floating Panel
SeriesTabbed; Side Accordian; Bulleted
ShortlistNone. Only changing the Theme option is available.
Swipe and SpyglassSwipe Style: Vertical bar; Spyglass
Swipe Type: A layer in a web map; Two web maps
TourSide Panel; Three Panel; Integrated

Embed a story map into a host story map

Sometimes it is suitable to embed a story map into a host story map. For example, when narrating a Story Map Journal on the effects of global warming, embedding a Story Map Swipe and Spyglass as one of the web pages is suitable to display the difference between the size of the North Pole in 1999 and 2019. Refer to ArcGIS Blog: Embed a Story Map within a Story Map or FAQ: What are some best practices to embed a story map in a host story map? for more information.

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