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Is it possible to generate ZIP+4 data using ArcGIS Business Analyst?

Last Published: April 25, 2020


ZIP+4 data contains the first 5-digit ZIP code and an additional 4-digit extension that adds accuracy to the address of a location. ArcGIS Business Analyst does not support the 4-digit extension when generating ZIP data and therefore, is unable to generate ZIP+4 data. However, the data can be created in ArcMap and used in ArcGIS Business Analyst by following the steps below.
  1. In ArcMap, geocode a table of addresses using the desired address locator, such as the US Postal Local Composite Locator. This generates a new layer containing a field with ZIP codes. Rename the field to ZIPCode.
  2. Use the Reverse Geocode tool, specifying the USA_PostalEXT locator to geocode the result obtained in Step 1. This determines whether a point falls in or is closest to the PostalExt boundary (within the search extent specified in the tool). Reverse geocoding outputs a new point layer with the additional 4-digit extension included as a field. Rename the field to 4Ext.
  3. Add a new field in the attribute table.
a. In the Table window, click the Table Options icon > Add Field.
b. In the Add Field dialog box, type ZIP4 for the field name, and select Text for the field type.
c. Set other Field Properties as necessary, and click OK.
  1. Use the Field Calculator to combine the ZIPCode and 4Ext fields to create a 9-digit ZIP field.
a. Right-click the ZIP4 field in the attribute table created in Step 3, and click Field Calculator.
b. Select VB Script as the parser, and set the type to String.
c. Type the following expression in the code block.
d. Click OK.
Once the geocoding processes are complete, the data can be accessed from the Customer Setup dialog box or the Store Setup wizard for use in Business Analyst.

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