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Is it possible to disable layers without affecting other map frames referencing the same map in an ArcGIS Pro layout?

Last Published: September 12, 2022


In an ArcGIS Pro layout, it is not possible to disable the layers in a map frame without affecting the same layers within another map frame if they reference the same map. Any configuration made to a layer is reflected in all the map frames that reference the same map. To display different map layers, create a copy of the original map and modify the copy as needed. When creating new map frames in a layout, select different maps as references to each map frame. This workflow is useful to highlight different layers in different map frames.

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, open the project containing the desired map layers.
  2. In the Catalog pane, on the Project tab, under Maps, click and drag the map to copy, and drop the map into the same Maps folder. This creates a copy of the original map within the same project. Repeat this step to create more copies.
Drag and drop a map into the same Maps folder to create a copy of the map.
  1. On the top ribbon, click the Insert tab, and click the New Layout drop-down arrow. Select the desired layout.
  2. In a new layout view, click the Insert tab on the top ribbon. Click the Map Frame drop-down arrow, and select the first map.
  3. Repeat Step 4 to add a new map frame with the copied map from Step 2. Save the project.
Select the first map for the first map frame and the imported map for the second map frame.

The image below shows the Parks layer in Map 2 (the copied map) is disabled without affecting the Parks layer in Map 1.

The example of the Parks layer in Map 2 (imported map) is disabled without affecting the Parks layer in Map 1.

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