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Can PMF files be opened in ArcGIS Pro?

Last Published: March 5, 2024


No, it is not possible, as PMF files are not a supported file type in ArcGIS Pro. This file type is only supported in ArcGIS Desktop through the ArcReader software, which is now deprecated.

To replace ArcReader, the ArcGIS Publisher extension in ArcGIS Pro allows the sharing of content throughout ArcGIS, even to non-members of an organization, by converting ArcGIS Pro maps or scenes into mobile map packages (.mmpk), or mobile scene packages (.mspk), respectively.

However, there is currently no known workflow to directly convert PMF files to MMPK or MSPK files. A workaround to this issue is to recreate the data from ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Pro and share it as a mobile map package or mobile scene package.

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  • ArcGIS Pro 3 2
  • ArcGIS Pro 3 1
  • ArcGIS Pro 3 0

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