UseSSOIdentityIfPortalOwned was not found.Failed to execute

Last Published: April 25, 2020

Error Message

Attempts to run any GeoAnalytics tool in ArcGIS Pro after signing in with ArcGIS Enterprise credentials fail, and return the following error:

UseSSOIdentityIfPortalOwned was not found.Failed to execute.
The tools execute successfully in Map Viewer.
Error message

ImportToolbox and AddToolbox are used to import or add toolboxes from different origins, including ArcGIS Server, and are used in a script. The UseSSOIdentityIfPortalOwned key prompts a sign in, and grants access to secured services. In this example, secured services refer to the geoprocessing services toolbox file; the System or GeoAnalyticsTools toolbox file from the ArcGIS Server URL shown in the error message above. If the user is signed in, the process is successful.

The GeoAnalytics Server site (a one-node machine, in this case) is federated with Portal for ArcGIS, and requires the user to log in to Portal to utilize the tools.


ArcGIS Pro cannot find the server, as the GeoAnalystics Server's root certificate is untrusted. An untrusted certificate may range from self-signed certificates to certificates issued by unrecognised certification authorities.

Solution or Workaround

Use a trusted certificate issued by well-known certification authorities. This is usually installed on any Windows machine by default, and can be viewed in the Microsoft Management Console.

Another option is to import the self-signed root certificate to the ArcGIS Pro client machine using Microsoft Management Console(MMC). To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Management Console.
  2. Click File > Add/Remove Snap-In.
  3. From the list, select Certificates, and click Add.
  4. Select Computer Account, and click Next.
  5. Select Local Computer, and click Finish.
  6. In the left pane of the window, expand Certificates(Local Computer) and Trusted Root Certification Authorities.
The image of the MMC window with Trusted Root Certification Authorities expanded
  1. Right-click the Certificates folder, and click All Task > Import to open the Certificate Import Wizard window.
  2. Click Next. Browse to the folder containing the certificate and load it.
  3. Follow the next step. Select Place all certificates in the following store, and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities. Click Next.
  4. Click Finish. The root certificate is added as a trusted certificate on the machine.
The image of the MMC window with the root certificate added as a trusted certificate for the machine

Article ID:000022251

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Pro 2 x

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