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Does ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server support traditional versioning?

Last Published: May 1, 2024


ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server is a service-driven architecture that supports the ability to work on the web and with a dispersed workforce.

The system tables and views that run Workflow Manager are all stored in the ArcGIS Data Store and are accessible in Portal for ArcGIS through hosted feature layers and hosted feature layer views.  There is therefore no requirement to have a branch-versioned enterprise geodatabase to use Workflow Manager.

However, spatial data-related steps such as the Create Version, Set Job Version and Cleanup steps work specifically with branch-versioned feature data sources. The data sources must be a branch-versioned feature service and traditional versioned data is not supported.

You can still work with traditional versioned data in Workflow Manager Server. You can still use the Open Pro Project Items step to open a map, task, etc. That map could still contain traditional versioned data. You would however need to manage versioning outside of the out-of-the-box steps available with Workflow Manager Server.



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